Wren is the main character for Sold for the twenty thousand bucks story. She first appeared in " sold for twenty thousand bucks" and "Sold". Sold and sold for twenty thousand bucks where never finished, implying that the series of books where finished, but a remake came out and the the author's Doglover And Trixie wrote to a fan via the Q & A that a part two would come out, explaining the story so far and why you where left hanging in twice. Also SOLD FOR TWENTY THOUSAND BUCKS , explained a lot of things.

Wren has appeared for five episodes of sold for twenty thousand bucks, 3 of SOLD FOR TWENTY THOUSAND BUCKS, 3 Sold, thought implying she will apear in more.


  • Noah, her mother who despises her and Ryan, and sells them both for twenty thousand bucks, as the title says.

Ryan, her sister, whom she and wren are very close.


Wren has light dark hair, and brown eyes , but you can change her look.

Wren is a very nice person, and she shows this by helping her sister and being nice to everyone.


Wren dies in ep 3 in SOLD FOR TWENTY THOUSAND BUCKS! Her "angel" has one last final game with ryan.

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