The Roses Saga is everythingslayer's (AKA Artistic Wonder) is an upcoming story featuring a different writing style than her other stories. It is featured as a fantasy story.

It is currently in development.

Summary Edit

Eve Russo is your ordinary sixteen-year old who's obsessed with vampires. The twist is that she suddenly becomes one...

Plot Edit

Eve Russo is an Italian-American with a moderately lavish lifestyle with a lawyer mother, a father who is always busy, and an annoying brat of a sister. When she is kidnapped by notorious vampire clans due to having a blood type anomaly that will be benifical, she couldn't be happier to get away from her lifestyle. However, rumors ensuing over two love interests ultimately cause a life-changing choice that threatens both Eve and the vampires...

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Eve Russo - Full name Evelyn Mallory Belarusso. She is the main protagonist and one of the playable characters in the story. She is fifteen years old at the beginning of the story, and celebrates a birthday during Season 1. She is stated to love her family very much, but can never show it well because of the dislike of her sister, Maeve. Although she does not get along with her sister, deep down, she loves her. Eve can be described as a self-centered personality and blatantly uncaring. On top of that, she has what seems to be a very bad choice of friends. Her birthdday is August 22nd, making her a Leo-Virgo Cusp.
  • Indigo - Full name Isaac Prior. He is a semi-protagonist and a playable character for three episodes of Season 1, and two episodes in Season 2. His age is not known at all, but it's made clear that he was turned into a vampire during the 1800's and hasn't aged since. He is the only boy in a great family of mainly women. He, along with the rest of his famiily, are rivals with the Varium vampire clan. Indigo is also stated to have forgotten his real name, although Eve finds out what it is. Indigo was born March 4th, making him a Pisces.
  • Beta Van Hausen XXII - Full name unknown. He is a semi-protagonist later revealed to be an antagonist and a playable character for one episode of Season 1. His age is not known, but it's made clear that he was turned into a vampire shortly after Indigo was and hasn't aged since. He is stated to only have one sister, who is really human. He, along with the rest of his family, are rivals with the Plasmic vampire clan. Beta is said to be under suspicion due to him having been accused of shattering a mirror that contained vampric power. Beta was born in May, but the day is unknown.
  • Isabel P.R. - A future daughter of one of the main characters. 
  • August P.R. - A future son of one of the main characters.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Maeve Russo - Full name Maeve Gianna Belarusso. She can be considered a minor antagonist due to her spoiled attitude, childish demeanor, and "mature age" of twelve. Eve claims that Maeve's name is uninspired--that her family simply took the M-A from Mallory and the E-V-E from Evelyn to form Maeve. Maeve was born October 31st, making her a Scorpio.
  • Veronica Russo - Eve and Maeve's mother who is a busy lawyer. She had lots of money to begin with, and split it with her husband after the marriage. Veronica was born December 20th, making her a Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp.
  • Veron - A serious antagonist in the first season.
  • Hendrik Russo - Eve and Maeve's father with an unknown, online profession. He is stated to be the "pauper" to Veronica, the "prince", and they had a fairytale romance. It is stated his profession keeps him busy. Hendrik was born June 5th, making him a Gemini.
  • Chinyoku Nagasaki - A Chinese-American who is worse than a stereotypical delinquent due to not having adequate father figure. Eve's best friend. Chinyoku was born April 1st, making her an Aries.
  • Hana Murry - A semi-rich girl who has known Eve since they were young. Hana was born New Years' Day, making her a Capricorn.
  • Amy Bahena - A girl who lives in Hawaii and only knows Eve through video chat. She is considered to be a plain jane. Amy was born June 29th, making her a Cancer.
  • Cynthia Prior - Indigo's, Iris's, Morganna's, and Simone's mother and the Matriarch of the Plasmic vampire clan. She was born during the 1600's originally and converted as a teenager. Birthday unknown.
  • Tristivire Van Hausen - Beta and Gabrielle's mother and the Matriarch of the Varium vampire clan. She was born during the 1800's and converted as an adult. Birthday unknown.
  • Deeter Prior - The deceased husband of Cynthia. His death is only known as being part of a betrayal that cost the life of Beta's father. While Indigo's sisters have forgiven their father for what he did, Indigo has not reached Acceptance in the grieving proccess and gets very upset when he is mentioned. Birthday unknown.
  • Simone, Morganna and Iris Prior - Indigo's three older sisters. They are overbearing but love him very much, and are set to take over for Cynthia if she is ever unable to rule Plasmic. According to Eve, Morganna is similar to Eve, Simone is similar to Hana, and Iris is similar to Chinyoku. All were born on the Winter Solstice of 1793.
  • Elora - An early Italian who was considered the first vampire heiress of the once United Clan, or cult, The Roses.
  • Angelo - The vampire who converted Elora.
  • Bianca Gallo - Angelo's fiancee, and Elora's adopted mother.
  • Gabrielle Van Hausen - Beta's sister. In reality, is a hostage who found out about the clans before her allotted time and was kidnapped to stay silent. However, it is known that Tristivire and Beta treat her very well, as if she was really a second child. Birthday unknown.
  • Ariel - A strange woman who has appeared all throughout Eve's life that she somehow shares a connection with. Ariel also shares a strange connection with Cynthia.
  • Trellis Varnica - A shady character who will soon be married into the Varium vampire clan.
  • Erika Spinelli - Eve's former girlfriend.

Trivia Edit

  • Eve is not meant to appear as a parody of Shelley Manzo from Dripping Mascara.