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Rules of Episode Interactive Wiki

These rules consist of an informal perspective on how to interact on the wiki. These rules include how to properly edit articles, comment appropriately, etc.

The Four Commandments of Episode Interactive Wiki

Adding/Editing Articles

Articles must contain the basic information needed for it to be a valid article. Articles on Episode stories are fine as long as they consist of the proper formatting and summary needed to explain the story. Absolutely no spoilers should not be added to stories and their articles without the tabbed spoiler warning.

a) Articles created for stories must contain Episode story story image, introduction and the app summary, at least. Articles introducing stories must also have proper English grammar. Articles with incorrect format or incorrect grammar will be deleted.

b) Articles created for story characters are prohibited, unless it is a main protagonist. This is done to save space on the wiki for more important articles related to stories, in general. You can create story articles and explain their characters in a section on the Episode story's article page.

c) All fan made articles will be deleted as well.

Adding Images to Wiki

Adding any images to this wiki must pertain to images related to Episode stories or Episode main character articles. Any other images saved on the wiki will be deleted if they are not related to Episode Interactive.

a) All images added to the wiki must be categorized from now on. There is currently an ongoing project to categorize any uncategorized images and all unnecessary images will be deleted.

No Unacceptable Editing, Behavior, or Vandalism

The following is never allowed on the Episode Interactive Wiki. All users who violate these three, simple policies will be blocked according to their violations. Users will be banned forever if they continue to spread their unacceptable behavior across the wiki and do so after some warnings.

Editing in/Adding in Pass Codes

Pass Codes are to be added to the comment section of the passcode article only. Users or anonymous users will be banned forever if they attempt to edit their pass codes into other articles.

Also, if pass codes are added to the comment section of other articles unrelated to pass codes, those comments will be deleted and marked as spam.