All Hallows: Recipe for Fear or Recipe for Fear (722201742016512 ), is a short, three-episode Halloween story found in the user section written by Shruti Karthikeyan It consists several elements of horror, mystery, thriller, and suspense. It is currently featured in the Halloween section of the app for winning the October Writing Contest.

The world of Recipe for Fear follows the journey of the protagonist as she wins a bizarre contest and struggles to make it through a haunted house without showing a single reaction of fear.


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The protagonist, which is played as you, is selected to participate in a contest with twelve other people to determine the most fearless person in the city. The contest begins and the protagonist enters the house experiencing the most extraordinary and bizarre things, arranging from jump scares and creepy clowns to headless creatures. Throughout the story, the protagonist struggles to make it through the house and earn the million dollars which will be sent to the winner of the contest.


  • You: A sixteen year old teen who attempts to make it through a haunted house and the main protagonist in Recipe for Fear.
  • Madelyn: One of the contestants selected to participate in the contest and a friend of the protagonist.
  • Mayor Clark: The creator of the contest.
  • Akash: Another one of the contestants selected to participate in the contest. You and Akash don't get along well.
  • Karthi Sub: Karthi is also one of the contestants selected to participate in the contest.
  • Zara: A contestant who decided to participate just to prove she wasn't scared, when secretly she is doesn't wish to participate in the contest.


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The story contains several choices, each one affecting the story. Some choices consist of customization, mazes, choose your route, etc.


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Some features include special character customization (parents look like you and some hidden face features), mazes, special riddles, unique creatures, jump scares, and two different endings.


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There is currently no sequel to Recipe for Fear, but there will be one coming up in January, 2017 titled Recipe for Fear 2.

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