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Rain Riverton is the protagonist of the story, The Secret of Rain, which is written by Joseph Evans. She is a orphan and an Immortal and the main love interest of Leon Lionfang, who is the second main character in the story.

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Rain was abandoned by her parents at a young age and was taken in by the orphanage. She was found in the rain in a place called Riverton, hence how her name came to be.

It is later revealed in the story that Rain is in fact not an orphan nor was she abandoned by her parents on purpose. She was stolen away from her mother and father when she was just a baby by Savannha Lionfang, Leon's mother. She stole Rain out of hatred, jealousy and revenge towards Rain's father's act of choosing another woman (Rain's mother) over her as Savannah had loved Rain's father, Will, since they were very young.

Rain Riverton's father, Will, is a human who fell in love with an Immortal girl during his highschool years. This classifies Rain as being only half Immortal.

Physical Appearance

Rain has fair skin with brown eyes. Her hair is dyed blue however it is said that her natural hair colour was brown. Her normal style consist of a comfortable red jacket over sweatpants. Rain is also seen wearing headphones throughout the beginning of the story due to her lack of wanting to socialise with people.


  • As an Immortal, Rain has the power and ability to shapeshift.
  • She is also said to be good at defending herself from her knowledge of martial arts.


Leon Lionfang

Rain and Leon are currently good friends, and they are on good terms.

They first met during Rain's first day at her new school and immediately formed a good friendship; as they found out that they both don't like to interact with people in social situations. Though they just met, Leon formed a strong trust with her as she was the first person he told his secret of being a vanquisher to.

Throughout the story, their relationship had both ups and downs as Leon found out that Rain had been hiding from him that she was an Immortal. However, despite this it is shown that he cares deeply about her as he risked his life to save hers from the Appleby's, Rain's adoptive parents.

Emily Jenkins

Rain's "friend" who secretly dislikes her. Emily was the first to befriend Rain during her first day at her new school and is shown to harbour strong romantic feelings towards Leon. She immediately gets jealous when she sees the amount of care and love Leon has towards Rain. Her hatred towards Rain gets stronger when she finds out that Rain had been imposing as her for her own granted.


  • Rain is not much of a social person and wears headphones to prevent people from trying to talk to her. Headphones are one of her common accessories.
  • Though througout the majority of the story Rain is reffered to as an Immortal, she is in fact only half Immortal. This is due to her father being a human and her mother being an Immortal.
  • It is explained at the beginning of the story that Rain is someone who has trouble fitting in as she is constantly moving foster homes. This could have been the reason which lead to her not liking to interact with people much as she is worried that she will not fit in with them.

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