Leon Lionfang

Leon Lionfang (original picture)

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WARNING: This page contains spoilers for the Episode story, 'The Secret of Rain'. Please read at your own risk.

Leon Lionfang is the main love interest of the story, The Secret of Rain by Joseph Evans , and also the second main protagonist of the story.  His main love interest is Rain Riverton, the main protagonist of the story. His parents were Mr Lionfang (name unknown) and Savannah / Savvy Lionfang (mother).


Leon was raised by his secretly psychopathic mother, Savannah (also known as Savvy) Lionfang, and lived with his sister, Ava Lionfang, and younger brother, Oliver Lionfang (who was killed when Leon was much younger by his sister, Ava).  His father died around the same time as Oliver.  


When Oliver Lionfang was strangled to his death by his sister, Savannah, who had a grudge against all immortals (a species of humans that have immortal abilities like Rain) for personal reasons, decided to blame his death on an immortal to turn Leon into an immortal-killing machine.  This therefore caused Leon to hate all immortals and want to kill every single immortal he discovered with the help of an Immortal-identifying app his sister coded for him.

Savvy Lionfang

Savannah Lionfang claiming she killed Leon

When Leon later realised Rain Riverton was also an immortal, he was furious that she had lied to him, but they eventually made things up, causing slightly romantic feelings to occur between them.  However, later in the story, his mother was revealed to be psychopathic, and Savannah supposedly murdered Leon because he 'knew too much'.  After being kidnapped by Savannah the help of one of Leon's heart monitors, Rain discovers Leon is still alive, and sets off to find him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Leon has fair (and slightly pale) skin with dark eyes (most likely black, dark blue, or dark green).  His natural hair shade is brown with a slightly reddish tint.  He is physically stronger than his sister, Ava, and often described as 'fit' throughout the story.  


  • Leon is a very skilled hunter, which helps him quickly identify Immortals and strike them.
  • He has been described a lot as being strong and fit, which also helps him strike his enemies quickly and easily.


Leon is not a very social person (very similar to Rain) and wears headphones a lot to prevent people from starting a conversation with him.  However, he is very loyal to the people he is close to and really cares about them.  He may also believe things without carefully analysing a situation, which led to him killing several innocent Immortals under his mother's influence.


Rain RivertonEdit

Leon is very good friends with Rain, and has shown romantic feelings towards her several times.  He also really cared about her; he was extremely worried when Rain told him she had been attacked by the Applebys, and was especially upset when they got into a fight with each other.  Leon appears to trust Rain a lot, and tended to take Rain's word very seriously.

Emily JenkinsEdit

Though Emily had quite a mild crush on Leon throughout the entire story, Leon, however, despised Emily and found her 'like the other girls'.  He found her too loud and gossipy, in contrast to Rain's personality.  In the end, Emily was still unable to win Leon's affection, instead increasing Leon's affection for Rain.

Ava LionfangEdit

Ava overall had a very good relationship with Leon, though he didn't know she was secretly in her mother's plan to kill her younger brother, Oliver.  Ava is mentioned as being slightly 'protective' over her brother, and therefore gives Rain an uneasy feeling around her.

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