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Glitches may be present in the Episode app & website, which may mess up your game or cause hijacking.

Glitches are usually fixed by the team in the update, right after the version of effect is fixed.


Lost Progress

  • On the official Episode App facebook page, a message had gone out from the team about not upgrading to the latest version as follows: "If you have upgraded and are seeing a loss of progress, do not uninstall or delete your app. We are working on a fix. If you have any problems on the new version of the app, please contact Customer Support with your PGID. We are sorry for the trouble and hope we can fix it soon."

How to Resolve Glitches

How do you fix these glitches? Glitches can be unique to various phones - it may happen on your own device, but not on others. In order to find out what is wrong with the app on your phone, and possible resolve the issue, you will need to submit a ticket to Pocket Gems Support. They will look over your issue individually and suggest you ways on how to resolve the glitch. However, there are glitches that even the team cannot resolve.

You can also request for help on other issues about the app, or suggest some new ideas for them!

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