Destiny is an Episode app story and is written by the author, Karen Petrova. It is about a teen girl who is forced to go on the run from her parents, as well as her parents' fellow cult members. It currently has 42 Episodes and counting with 3 seasons being written and currently, a 4th season being written. Chapters are updated whenever the author can update.

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App Summary

A teen is destined to die, thanks to her cultic family. Can she change her destiny or will fate catch up to her?


Season One

Season 1 (episodes 1 to 12)
No. in series No. in season Title
1 1 "50 Shades of Destiny"
2 2 "Revelation"
3 3 "Escapade"
4 4 "Adapting"
5 5 "No Strings on Destiny"
6 6 "These Fists Are Made for Punching"
7 7 "The Prodigal Son"
8 8 "The Origins of Quentin"
9 9 "This Means War"
10 10 "Casual Affairs"
11 11 "The Winner Takes It All"
12 12 "Epilogue"

Season Two

Season 2 (episodes 13 to 24)
No. in series No. in season Title
13 1 "Without You"
14 2 "Come Together"
15 3 "Let's Go Crazy"
16 4 "No Deal"
17 5 "Demon Games"
18 6 "Guilty Pleasures"
19 7 "Guilty Victim"
20 8 "A Blast from the Past"
21 9 "Revivesco"
22 10 "Aftermath"
23 11 "A Ball of Demons"
24 12 "Coming to Conclusions"

Season Three

Season 3 (episodes 26 to 37)
No. in series No. in season Title
26 1 "Maternity"
27 2 "Metamorphosis"
28 3 "Need For Justice"
29 4 "Living With Myself"
30 5 "The Hunt"
31 6 "Don't Shoot The Messenger"
32 7 "Standoff"
33 8 "Godly Inferno"
34 9 "Help Me, I Help You"
35 10 "Friends With My Enemy"
36 11 "Shackles"
37 12 "For Good"

Special Episodes

Special Halloween Episode (episode 25)

No. in series No. in season Title
25 1 "Halloween Horrors"
38 2 "A Judith Special"
39 3 "A Destiny Birthday Bash"

Main Characters

Wᴀʀɴɪɴɢ﹕ Mᴀʏ Cᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴ Sᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀs!

  • Destiny O'Hare - the main protagonist of the story. She is forced to go on the run when her parents try to sacrifice her.
  • Judith O'Hare - one of the major antagonists of the story. The mother of Destiny; Judith desires supernatural power and would sacrifice those she "loves" to get it.
  • Charles O'Hare - Destiny's incompetent father and one of the leaders of the O'Hare's decades-old cult. Charles is often scolded for his tendencies to make any situation worse and struggles to handle any job tasked to him, especially when it comes to finding his daughter.
  • Kellan O'Hare - Destiny's long lost older brother. Destiny never knew of his existence, but he has been watching her from a distance for nearly a decade. He knows how to fend for himself and stay hidden from his former cult and it's rather supernatural leader.
  • Azas - the main antagonist of the story. Azas is the god who thrives under the many sacrifices of the O'Hare family. Without the O'Hare's, Azas would not be nearly as powerful as he is. Azas promises immortality and great fortune to those who follow him once he achieves true immortality, which is why he is so eager to find the O'Hare children.
  • Quentin - a former demon who defected from Azas' underworld army. Quentin is charming, but egotistical and a loner. He raised Kellan after he rescued him from being sacrificed by the O'Hares and Azas. Quentin is also Destiny's love interest.
  • Adara - Azas' demon daughter and minor antagonist. She is Quentin's former lover and ex-wife from the 1900s. Adara is slightly childish and a bit psychotic as she meddles with the lives of both the O'Hare parents and children.

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