Episodes are the main aspect of the app. 

Every 3 days, you are allowed to select a new episode from the "Unlock more Stories" Button on the main menu within the app. On this page, you can browse through different genres and categories of stories; Mystery, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure and Romance.

Most episodes are released in batches, meaning it may take a while for a story to update and be published by the author. There are currently only 27 stories in total available, and not all of them are completed.

Episodes are written by various authors on the Writer's Portal in the app; or online. To be able to write a story, you must have a google account login. Stories will be made available on the app if it is seen fit by the Episode team. Featured Stories, Like Campus Crush and Real Hollywood, are all available when you open the app. Getting a featured story is difficult unless you meet the criteria. 

Media in category "Category:Episodes"

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